The internet is all about sharing, even when it’s not that important. Working as a web professional and being an open source user, I feel like I’m in huge sharing debt to the world.

So that I could mitigate that (and give some love back ♥️), I’ve tried to write about things that usually made me waste time. However, eventually I would be in a hurry and end up forgetting about the blog.

You know, it takes some time to open the blog platform (Wordpress, Tumblr, …), find a nice picture, write the text, elaborate a sample code, review and then publish.

Post ideas usually come from me starting to use a new tool or doing something in a different way. Then I stumble upon a problem and once that’s fixed, I write on my week-plan: “write about XYZ on Sunday”. Great! Then Monday comes and that post is still just planned. After rescheduling its writing a few times I lose the thread and give up.

For this next attempt I wanted:

  • posting process to be simple and fast
  • to have content stored in a VCS for easy backups and revision
  • not to care about servers and hosting

So here’s what I’m using:

  • Markdown to write posts
  • Jekyll to generate static files with layout and content
  • Divshot as a fast host and for an effortless deploy flow.

Since I feel a bit ashamed of the old blog content, old posts won’t be converted (but may be rewritten).

We’ll see how it goes. :)